Loco Offroad

Loco Offroad


Tempe, Arizona


Loco Offroad was founded up back in 2003 by Randy and Kyle.  We started out a small group of friends who enjoyed 4 wheeling on the back roads of Arizona and have since progressed onto some of Arizona’s hardest trails. As some of us have evolved into more hardcore 4 wheeler’s that prefer to run 4.5+ trails, we have not and will not forget some of the less capable rigs in the group. So before anyone shoots down the idea of running an easier trail with some of the less capable rigs, remember that we all have been there. After all “It’s not about the trail that you are running or what you are driving, it’s who you are wheeling with!” Loco Offroad is just a group of friends that enjoy 4 wheeling, wrenching on someone’s rig, or just hanging out and having a good time without all the politics.


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