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Adelaide Jeep Club


South Australia


The Adelaide Jeep Club was founded in 1999 and it currently has around 50 active members and vehicles.

The club comprises people of all ages with a sense of proud ownership of Jeep vehicles and four wheel drive adventure.

The Club currently meets every second Tuesday of the month at:
Prospect Council Community Hall at the rear of 128 Prospect Road, Prospect.
(corner of Olive St and Prospect Rd).

However, often meetings are held at businesses or other locations for product or demonstration nights. It is wise to check the club calendar for the location of the next meeting.

All Jeep owners are encouraged to come along to a meeting and talk to current members about the club and it's activities.

The Club also welcomes and encourages owners of other 4WD vehicles to participate.

The club is a non-profit organization and its main aim is to bring together owners of a Jeep 4WD to experience the challenges of 4 wheel driving in a safe manner and to provide fun regular social outings.

The Club stresses safety at all times whilst on outings and it has a close affiliation with the South Australian Association of Four Wheel Drive Inc. through whom regular educational 4WD courses are conducted for club members. This results in enhancing the pleasure and associated awareness of the responsibilities of 4WD as a recreational activity.


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Published Aug 18, 2008
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