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Arizona State Association of 4-WD Clubs


In May 1965, twelve families met at the Phoenix Land and Title Building in Phoenix to form a state association of four wheel drive clubs in Arizona. Seven clubs that had already formed were in need of a group association. The purpose of the association was to "coordinate the efforts of four wheel drive clubs throughout Arizona in four wheeling and educate the public." The first clubs involved were: Buckeye 4-Wheelers, Flagstaff 4-Wheelers, 4x4 Scouters of Scottsdale, Mesa 4- Wheelers, Yuma 4-Wheelers, Phoenix Jeep Club, and Tucson Four Wheelers. At this meeting the name "Arizona State Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs" was born. A roster of members was established, incorporation papers were processed, each club submitted a design for the Association logo, and the By-laws were set up along with $10.00 club dues.

ASA4WDC hosted it's first Convention on June 4 & 5, 1966. It was held at the Safari Hotel in Scottsdale. Twenty-three conventions have been held since, and each is a unique event as clubs volunteer to host the event each year. These events are held in a different area of the state which gives the membership an opportunity to experience new areas of four wheeling. Our conventions are held in early May. Jamborees were included in the year's events in October 1974, after Dennis Belivich of the Creepy Crawlers made the suggestion that there be an open event to all 4-wheelers, both in and out of the state. This event also is held in different areas of the state, and includes 4WD trips and 4WD games. Our Jamboree is held in October.

The ASA4WDC is heavily involved in keeping land closures and trail closures to a minimum. The Forest Service, in which there are seven National Forests in our state, have been helpful in letting us know when trails are about to be closed and allowing the clubs to adopt them. This requires us to maintain them by checking each trail at least once a year. We do a great deal of Conservation work for the Forest Service; stringing fences, cleaning primitive camp sites, work on water catches for animals, and we restored hills where roads are visible to main roads by laying water bars and then fencing the area.

Our clubs have many hours of volunteer service donated. The ASA4WDC has at this time, 500 families & associate members. This organization has had many good years and hopes to be able to reach the four wheeler who doesn't know we're out there.

Compiled by: Bev Bills, Creepy Crawlers 4WD Club

Published Jan 17, 2009
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