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Sunshine Coast Jeep Club




Clubs provide many advantages and challenges for 4WD owners.The Sunshine Coast Jeep Club is family orientated and caters for family participation.

Trips are scheduled every month in a variety of locations throughout south east QLD. Interstate trips are also scheduled. Our trips have a variety of easy to moderate trails.

Club meetings are held every month to discuss upcoming events and swap stories about trips gone by. Meetings are currently scheduled on the last Wednesday of every month.


Anyone with a 4wd vehicle is eligible for membership. No modifications are required for membership. We have many members with stock or near stock Jeeps, and a stock Jeep is a very capable vehicle.

To join the Sunshine Coast Jeep Club, e-mail Roger Herman the Vice-President or Rupert Standing the President or telephone Roger on 0404831469.  You can also come along to one of our club meetings which are held on the last Wednesday of each month at the Twin BP servos in Caboolture on the bruce Highway North Running side in one of the rooms at the rear @ 7.30pm

Our joining fee is only $60 per vehicle (so really $60 per family for 12 months payable yearly at the June meeting, when you join a pro-rata will be done to take you to the next June for eg. if you join in December you will pay $30 to take you to june).

Published Aug 18, 2008
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