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Dirt Devils of Southern California


Southern California


The Dirt Devils of Southern California is a family-oriented group of four-wheelers dedicated to promoting safe off-highway adventures in the great outdoors. Our emphasis is on safety and we support the Tread Lightly! Program. We are currently over 50 members strong!

The Dirt Devils originated in October of 1993 as the result of four-wheel drive training courses where some enthusiasts wished to continue the sport of four wheeling. We are an energetic club willing to pass on what we have learned, and help each other over the  tight spots. Membership is open to people over 18 years of age with any type of experience and any type of four-wheel drive vehicle. Interested future members must attend two club meetings and two club runs to be eligible for membership. Several of our members have 10 or more years of experience, creating confidence in newcomers and experienced four-wheelers alike!

We are involved in programs such as the OHV Forrest Service Volunteer Program,  California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs events,  Toys-For-Tots (at Christmas time),  Kids On Public Lands, environmental projects to protect the natural setting of our public lands, and the Adopt-A-Trail program. We have adopted the 3N34 trail in Lake Arrowhead, commonly known as "Dishpan Springs" or "Deep Creek Trail".

We have one or more club-sponsored event each month and take on all types of terrain, from mild to wild. Guests are always welcome to attend our meetings and runs! We are now in in our 7th year!


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Published Aug 19, 2008
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