Esprit De Four


Northern California


We are a group of 4-Wheel Drive owners from all over Northern California with Associate members from as far away as Alaska. We meet for the purpose of social, recreational, and educational activities and to enjoy and protect our natural resources. One of our members was on the board of Tread Lightly!. We follow the Tread Lightly! guidelines and are a member of the California Association of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs.

We help with many conservation projects and the one activity that gets our name in print the most is the Safety Clinic we put on at Hollister Hills OHV park twice per year. The Safety Clinic helps new 4×4 owners become acquainted with their vehicles and to learn valuable off-highway skills.

We have at least one official club run per month, sometimes more during the summer. The runs include everything from day runs to Hollister Hills OHV park, running in the sand at Pismo Beach, Toy Runs at Christmas, to longer excursions over the Rubicon Trail, Moab, or Mile High Jeep Safari in Colorado, just to name a few. Some CA4WDC-sponsored runs that are popular with the club include the Molina Ghost Run, Sierra Trek, Run-A-Muck, and Panamint Valley.


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