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The 4x4 Corps


San Diego


The 4X4 CORPS is an off roading club started by a group of friends who love to go   "wheelin'". Based in San Diego County, we are surrounded by some of the best off roading opportunities on the planet.  We welcome all enthusiasts who love the sport of off roading, especially those who serve our nation and the citizens who support them. 

The 4X4 Corps has many benefits. Our members not only enjoy organized runs and events, but are now able to take advantage of our direct source for parts and accessories, full service installation, general advice, and information, not to mention some really great people to enjoy the sport with. Our club prides it self on doing this without dues, meetings, or the regular B.S. that you might find with those other clubs.

Today our clubs goals are the same as they have always been, to create the best off roading organization in the U.S.A. Bringing together the finest people and resources, so we may enjoy the best off roading experience possible. Whether your new to the sport and just want to learn or you've done Moab with your eyes closed, join us today and start the rock crawlin good times! Were not affraid of mud either!!!


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Published Sep 23, 2008
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