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Central Ontario 4x4 Club


Ontario, Canada


Agincourt Motors, a Jeep dealership in Agincourt, Ontario, founded Central Ontario Four-Wheel Drive Club, known for years as CO4x4, in the early 1970s. It was known as the Toronto Jeep Club until 1973, when it was changed to its present name. Along with the name change, the Club was registered as a non-profit organization, with its own constitution.

The main purpose of the Club is to organize and run responsible four-wheel drive events. It also exists to help people who have purchased a four-wheel drive (4WD) or sport utility vehicle (SUV) and wish to learn how to operate it properly, and responsibly.

The Club is a family-oriented organization, we try to hold events that family members of all ages can participate in. With approximately 100 family memberships, the Club is fortunate to have people of many different backgrounds who come together to help make both small and large events successful. Members are always trying to finding new ways to promote the Club, as well as helping other people or organizations.

The Club runs throughout the year with summer events such as weekend trail rides and campouts. In the fall we also run trail rides as well as SwampswimmerTM, one of our most popular rallies. This rally is one of our oldest events, started in 1973 when the Club was incorporated. The Rally has been held in locations throughout Ontario such as Bancroft, Lindsay, Peterborough, Madoc, Varney, Cobourg, Hamilton and most recently, Bobcaygeon.

2003 was the Club’s 30th anniversary and like all anniversaries we consider it a special occasion.

2002 was the first year that clubs in Ontario were required to provide a signed contract for the use of Crown Land and performance bond with the Ministry of Natural Resources. Working closely with Gary Clements out of the MNR in Minden, Ontario, CO4x4 was the first club to hold an event under such regulations. The MNR were extremely cooperative in our endeavor and, after several MNR representatives followed our volunteers through the course on Course Open on Friday and Course Close Saturday, the club and Rally participants received a perfect score and all deposit funds were returned to our club. It was wonderful to see that the regulations, which CO4x4 had put in place almost 30 years ago for SwampswimmerTM, were acknowledged by the MNR.

The Club stands by the Tread Lightly philosophy in an effort to preserve and work with areas so we may return again. We promote safe four-wheeling for both the participants and environment and believe that when using a trail, you should leave nothing behind and take only memories with you. Club members believe strongly in the sport and are determined to keep promoting its safe and responsible aspects.


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Published Jan 17, 2009
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