Okanagan Jeep Club


British Columbia


Our club is mainly based out of Vernon, B.C., in one of the nicest areas of Canada called the Okanagan Valley. The Okanagan Valley is located in south central British Columbia and has become widely known as a tourist destination. The terrain here in the Okanagan goes from desert (yes desert) to high alpine meadows. This is why it is so important that our club is committed to the  Tread Lightly principles. Our club was formed in 1997 so we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. The Okanagan Jeep Club is a family club though people of all ages are welcome. We originally formed a Jeep only club to piss off and alienate all of our non-Jeep driving friends. No just kidding, we wanted to form a club that was focused on the 4x4 we like the most. With the early Willys Jeep heritage and history as a base, Jeep has over the years built some truly great 4x4's. With the introduction of the Jeep TJ "Rubicon" and all it has to offer, many new drivers will be catching the Jeep bug and will soon be having a blast on the trail. We welcome all types and sizes of Jeeps to the club. We have several heavily modified Jeeps but the majority of us are bone stock or very close to it. Jeeps don't need to be modified to be great offroad but they only get better when you do. For those new to 4x4ing you will find all of our members to be very welcoming and quite knowledgeable. The club is focused on education regarding safe and ethical offroading and this soon becomes second nature for new members. Unlike many 4x4 clubs and associations on the net we are not "web wheelers". Our members like to hit the trail as often as they can and interact with each other. If you are looking for a sticker club, this isn't for you. If you like to drink or do drugs on the trail, this isn't for you. We take pride in knowing our club is held in high regard in our community and we take  Tread Lightly seriously.


Our club is open to anyone who owns a Jeep and follows the Tread Lightly principles. We ask that you bring only your Jeep to Club runs. We encourage stock Jeeps and new drivers to join us and we welcome modified and experienced Jeep drivers. If you have any questions or if you live in or near the Okangan Valley and want join us here is our E-mail