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Larimer County 4 Wheel Drive Club


Larimer County, Colorado (Fort Collins area)


We are a family oriented club, organized in 1965, to promote and enjoy the recreation of four wheeling.  Four wheeling involves driving a four wheel drive vehicle on roads and trails which are impassable to normal street vehicles.  It's often referred to as " off-roading ," but in most cases we use marked "roads" in order to protect the areas through which we travel.  occasionally we play  "off-road"  on designated sand dunes or ice where it is a bit tough to "stay on the trail" since there is none.

Unlike the images portrayed by mass media and environmental groups, we are concerned with conserving the natural beauty of the State of Colorado and anywhere we four wheel.  We believe strongly in the principles of Tread Lightly! ©.  We also participate in both the  Adopt-a-Trail  and the  Adopt-A-Highway  programs.

We work closely with the US Forest Service in maintaining trails, many of our members participate in the Trail Host program.  We assist our community, Fort Collins, Colorado, by providing transportation during severe winter weather for employees and some patients of "critical need" groups like Poudre Valley Hospital, Good Samaritan Retirement Village and Meals-On-Wheels and by assisting groups like the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army in transporting supplies and the like to and from remote areas during crises.


All you need to do is attend three club functions within 90 days, one of which must be a club trip, own a four wheel drive vehicle (we welcome all vehicle types!) and be at least 18 years old.  Click here if you can't meet these qualifications.

Once you've met these requirements, you'll need to get a "Request for Membership" application from one of our board members, complete it and submit it along with a sponsoring member's signature and $45, our yearly dues, to a board member.  At the next board meeting the board will review your application and vote on your request.  (It is rumored that the board has yet to decline a membership application.)  Upon approval, you get a membership for the current year, which includes your immediate family.  If you apply mid-year, your dues may be prorated.

Published Aug 19, 2008
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