Ottawa Valley Offroaders


Ontario, Canada


1977 was the year that a small group of guys got together and formed a club dedicated to their favourite activity.....OFF-ROADING!!!!!!. Now celebrating over 25 years of fun on the trails, The Ottawa Valley Offroaders are still strong and growing. The oldest and most established Ottawa area club still holds the same simple values that it started with. Have fun, Keep it simple, learn from others, and pass that learning onto future members.

Every year the club welcomes new members into the club where they are shown how to enjoy the sport of off-roading in a safe and respectful manner. Now off-roading is not for everyone, if you are concerned about getting a few scratches on your vehicle then it is best that you stick to the pavement and light duty dirt roads. Scratches and dents are inevitable but our goal is not to destroy our trucks...our goal is to improve our off-roading skills while doing it in the company of others.

Great friendships are made, memories are created and skills are developed. Our members are proud of what they do and how they do it and many keep coming back year after year. The talent found in the club is astounding as many of our members are professionals in their own field. And as a new member you will find that most are willing to help you out in your endeavours asking little in return..that's the club spirit !


To join, candidates must attend two runs and two meetings prior to being voted in as a member. Once you are a member and have paid your annual $30.00 registration fee, you receive a decal, monthly newsletter and a vote on club issues. All new members are treated as equal members, and there is an award for ROOKIE OFF ROADER of the year. We also have an award for OFF ROADER of the year , which has been around since 1977. It shows the history of the club, with each new plaque that is added each year.There are no restrictions on trucks with the exception that they are street legal, safe, licensed and insured.  All trucks are welcome.