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Home > Events > Australia Jeep and Off-Road Events > National Jeep Jamboree Victoria 2010
National Jeep Jamboree Victoria 2010

Event Date: 30-September 10 ends 03-October 2010

The Melbourne Jeep Owners Club (MJOC) is proud to host the National Jeep Jamboree Victoria 2010.  An event for all Jeep Owners - if you own an old Jeep or a new one you are all welcome to attend the Jambo.  When MJOC ran the National Jeep Jamboree Victoria 2004, we set the bar for Jeep events in Australia, with over 600 people and nearly 300 Jeep vehicles in attendance across the four days. In 2010, we hope to create an event that will exceed our efforts in 2004 and attract over 1000 visitors. Lardner Park is the base venue for what is expected to be the largest Jeep owner’s event ever held in Australia. Lardner Park was home to the 1994 Jeep Jamboree (but things have changed a little since then) and is located about 10 minutes from the towns of Drouin and Warragul. Jeep are the Key Partner for the event and are very excited about the Jambo being held at such a fantastic venue and in an area so close to Melbourne. This not only opens up some of Victoria’s great tracks to those from around the country, but also to Victorians too.
Trips will be held in the surrounding areas including Neerim, Nilma, Noojee, and Bunyip, as well as areas a bit further away such as Baw Baw and Walhalla. All campsites are powered and you will be amazed by the quality of the facilities and activities. Think Camp Jeep in the USA and you will have an idea of what this event will be about!

Published Jun 4, 2010
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