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Gator 4x4


Gainesville, Florida


Gator 4x4 got its start during a late night conversation at a local Steak n Shake.  Frank Meyer, the first president, and a couple of his close friends conceived the idea to form a social club for off-road enthusiasts.  The club's first year was rocky as unforeseen issues cropped up, however the leadership held the club together and it began to thrive.  Originally meeting in a Walmart parking lot, membership grew and the buzz about the club increased.  Members would often go for night rides after the meetings at the old Hogtown Creek trails.  The meeting place eventually was changed to Wendys after the Walmart parking lot became a Bonefish Grill.

The new meeting spot proved to the be the catalyst for rapid growth in the club.  The visibility the spot afforded the club right off Archer road and the sight of jacked up 4x4s everywhere drew a lot of attention to us and more and more four-wheeling addicts joined up.  Students and working professionals alike found common interests and the scope of the club had to expand.  The leadership at the time, consisting of Frank Meyer, Adam Ashley, Brian Allens and Jim Huff decided to apply for not-for-profit status for the club and expand its mandate to include service activities and more formal events as well as the drafting of an official constitution.

The club's membership has changed over the years.  Term limits on leadership positions allow new members to seek prominent roles in the club and bring fresh ideas about events and the club's direction.  Gator 4x4 is a trademarked name and has a bright future with a very solid, dedicated membership core and a constant influx of new members.  We are very dedicated to conservation and environmental efforts in our community as well as staunch advocates of safe, family fun four-wheeling.  We are truly a great club for 4x4 enthusiasts.


The annual membership fees are as follows:
$25 by check/moneyorder/cash from October 1 through May 30.
$15 by check/moneyorder/cash from June 1 through September 30.

Membership fees will be considered paid until the beginning of the next fiscal year (October 1). Thank you and welcome to Gator4x4!

Published Aug 19, 2008
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