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Jeepers Jeep Club


We welcome you to Jeepers Jeep Club, we pride ourselves in being a family oriented, Jeep only club. Our Jeep club is 40 families strong, and Ten years old. Our members range in ages from the very young, which we like to call our (Junior Jeepers) to our casual Jeepers, who love trail rides, to our more experienced Jeepers, who enjoy going the extra mile, like rock climbing, mudding, or climbing hills. Our Club has a variety of Jeeps, from stock to the very extreme. Our club enjoys getting together for trail rides, campouts, usually in Ocala, decorating our Jeeps for the holiday parades, our club also puts on our own Jeep Show, and we also participate in other Jeep Club shows, to show our support for the Jeeps as well as for the great outdoors. We are committed to keeping our rights to trail ride throughout Florida and around the United States by mailing, emailing, calling and faxing our congressmen to partition to keep the trails open for all to enjoy. We are members of the Florida Four Wheel Drive Association, United Four Wheel Drive Association and Tread Lightly. Our club is active in our community, with the School Supply Drive and a Toy Drive at Christmas. Our Club meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.. If you feel you might enjoy belonging to our Jeep Club by all means stop in and check us out, we would love to meet you. The newsletter and this website are published to inform our members and other Jeep owners of the upcoming events, trail rides, tech tips, and club happenings. All makes and models of Jeeps are welcome to join.


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Published Aug 12, 2008
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