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Louisiana 4x4


Baton Rouge, Louisiana


We are dedicated to the sport of four wheeling and offer organized trail rides, technical assistance, skill classes and environmental awareness. The Club is made up of families, individuals and associates who enjoy exploring the outback, testing themselves and their machines. The club maintains membership in United Four Wheel Drive Association, Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association, Louisiana Off Road Vehicle Association, Tread Lightly and the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

Monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at Ryan's Steakhouse on Coursey Blvd., off Sherwood Forest Blvd. in Baton Rouge. We generally meet in the parking lot at 6:30 pm and go inside at 7:00 pm for dinner and the meeting.

Our purpose as a club is to share knowledge of our 4X4 vehicles as well as safe off-road driving techniques for the experienced AS WELL AS the inexperienced 4X4 enthusiast.


Membership is open to anyone with a functional 4 wheel drive vehicle and is not limited to any particular make or model. The cost of membership is $50.50 per year with dues becoming due in March. For those joining after March, dues will be $50.50 for the remainder of the year and are not pro-rated. Club membership includes membership in the United Four Wheel Drive Association and the Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association, which entitles members to their publications, as well as the Clubs own news letter. More important, and much more fun, is that membership entitles members to go on Club Runs. Prospective members are allowed to go on one trail ride with the club before being required to join the club.

Published Aug 19, 2008
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