How to submit an event to

If you would like your event to be listed under a specific state in, please send us the who, what, when, where, why and how of the event. Visitors will appreciate ss much detailed information as you can provide about the event so they do not have to go hunting for more specific information.

If the event is being hosted by a club, please ensure that your club is already listed on this site.  We will link to your club's information page on from within the event information.

Please do not bother to send the event information if you are going to send it as an image that someone would normally print out, a pdf file or a word document.  We are not going to spend hours going over these documents to retype the information into our pages.  We will be copying and pasting the information that you submit with some slight edits of the formatting so the information flows with the style of the site.

Please do not forget to mention which state the event should be listed under.  If the event is being held by a club that covers multiple states, please only tell us the state in which the event is taking place.

Send the information to