The Maine 4x4 Club




Maine 4x4 Club is a not for profit organization that is dedicated to creating a friendly environment for everyone to enjoy off-roading in a safe, non destructive, and organized manner. We represent all that is good for our sport and will fight to keep our cause legal and safe for future generations to come. We will work and co-operate with other related organizations and authorities. We will observe and conform to all laws, regulations, and respects regarding our activities and the safety of all persons and land that we directly influence. Our goal is the preservation of our pass time augmented with respect for others.


Membership in the Maine 4x4 Club only requires the passion of what we do and the observation of our rules and policies. Before membership is considered applicants must agree to all the terms listed herein. Membership in the Maine 4x4 Club is currently free and none of our activities shall require a fee without just cause. All monies that Maine 4x4 Club collects will go into a fund and be dispersed in agreement with staff. Monies will only go to things that will benefit the growth, strength, and enjoyment of the club.