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Baystate Jeepers




Baystate Jeepers, Inc. is a family-oriented 4wd Jeep Club formed in 1998 to promote the sport of driving on primitive roads requiring high clearance four wheel drive vehicles. We plan trail rides once a month generally from March to November (weather permitting). During the summer months we incorporate our trips with camping and other activities. We use a trail rating system from 1 (easiest) to 10 (most difficult). Most trips we go on are rated 4-6.

Through out the year we participate in various activities such as canned food drives, charity fund raisers, and trail cleanups, including working with the State Forest Service. This helps to both keep trails open and to gain access to other trails. We practice tread-lightly principles, and always leave with more then we bring in. Our representative for Tread-Lightly is Don Dewar. Please contact him with any questions

As a member of Baystate Jeepers, Inc. you will receive a monthly newsletter which will keep you informed as to upcoming events and dates, trip ratings, directions, past trip reports, and more.


Regular membership $50.  Associate membership $10.  Club limits the total number of memberships available