Mass Krawlers


Based out of Central Massachusett's.  But we have members from each end of the state, predominintly from Berkshire County. We have 2-3 parcels of private land that we are clearing and making new trails on.


MassKrawlers is a brand new club that is just trying to get started in the area.  It was formed by a group of freinds that all share a common interest, Wheeling! This is a nice sized, smaller,  club for decent runs and a more relaxed feeling for responsible wheeling.   This isnt a "Jeeps Only" club, so bring whatever ya got from Sami's to Subi's to Suburban's its all welcome here!    We have a nice little Tech Section on our own  DIY How To's as well as a picture and video sections.  There is also a fun Arcade Section on the forum with 12 pages, 557 different games!  You could spend all your time in there just playing games and never see the rest of the site!  There is also a new Chat session at the top of every forum for instantly talking with your new friends. We have several runs already planned out for the year and the Meet & Greet's are underway now. So sign up now and get in on the action.


No Membership dues as of 2010.  Just join the forum and start posting. Once you go to one Meet & Greet or one Trail Ride you will be voted in as a Member of the club.  This will allow more forum access and more information.