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Ozark Mountain 4x4 Club


The Ozark Mountain 4 x 4 Club was established around *1977, by a group of people who wanted to share their common interest of off-roading with others. Over the years the Club has seen a lot of changes, both in the sport of off-roading, and in it’s membership.

In the early days, show vehicles were everywhere. The bigger the better, the wilder the paint job, the more attention it drew. You could find a car show every weekend, if it was your "cup of tea", so to speak. Many of the members at that time were very involved in showing their vehicles. The Club would have displays of it’s vehicles at Malls, and outdoor shows, and always drew big crowds. The Club for many years held a yearly car show, "The Show You Care Auto Show". It was a charity car show, with the proceeds being donated to various deserving organizations, such as St.Jude Children’s Hospital, and Camp Quality.

All the while there were those who were going on trailrides, and doing other things as well. Various competitions began to be held, as people realized the potential with these off-road machines, and the crowds they could draw in. As word about the Ozark Mountain 4 x 4 Club got out, people began to contact us. Club members began to officiate at various off roading events, some being charity events, others going to benefit the Club.


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Published Aug 13, 2008
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