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Southern High Rollers 4x4 Club


SHR 4x4 Club is a group of Houston-area 4-wheel-drive enthusiasts who enjoy the sport of 4-wheeling with our friends and families. We welcome all four-wheel-drive vehicles and drivers of any experience level. Our club is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and expansion of 4-wheeling opportunities not only for our club members but the entire off-road community. We meet at various locations around the city on the third Saturday of every month, and have monthly sponsored 'runs' to various wheeling destinations in Texas and neighboring states. Check out our calendar for details of upcoming events.

Southern High Rollers 4x4 Club supports and promotes the principles of TreadLightly! On a national level we are proud members of the United Four Wheel Drive Association (UFWDA) and The BlueRibbon Coalition. Locally, we support the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition (TMTC), a non-profit organization working with local, state, and federal governments to provide MORE wheeling destinations in Texas. We are also involved with several charities which include a yearly toy run/parade for Buckner Children's home in Beaumont, Texas.

Please feel free to browse through our past newsletters, pictures, tips, and trail reports to learn more about the activities and philosophies of our group. If you are interested in joining SHR, drop us a line and we will provide more info, or just throw the family in the rig and visit us at our next meeting, you’re always welcome!


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Published Aug 15, 2008
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