Emirates 4x4 Jeep Club


United Arab Emirates


We welcome you to Emirates4x4 JeepClub, we pride ourselves in being a family oriented, Jeep only club. Jeep® more than any other brand, represents more than just a product. It represents a history, has become a generic term for all products in its sector, and portrays a way of life. Jeep is synonymous with off-road prowess, individualism, and adventure. Emirates4x4 exists to provide the means to live that brand. By providing support and encouragement at every step, your journey toward membership of the Middle East fastest-growing Jeep community will form a natural extension of Jeep ownership.

The Emirates4x4 Concept started life as a way of enjoying Jeep ownership without hassle or complication. With technical advice, training and instruction available from Emirates4x4 and others in the community, you'll benefit from a backup service that compliments perfectly your relationship with your local franchised dealership. The Emirates4x4 JeepClub is aimed squarely at the beginner - the 'newbie'. We cater specifically for the needs of those new to Jeep ownership by giving professional advice, tuition and support. We don't get involved in hardcore off-roading activities and our expertise centers around late-model Jeep vehicles - Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Liberty.

We promote a safe and responsible attitude to off-road driving and exert no pressure on our members to tackle obstacles they do not feel comfortable with. Help and advice is available at every step and the key to the concept is the informal atmosphere. We also arrange social events, proving that Emirates4x4 Jeep Club isn't just about the vehicles, it's about the people as well. Indeed, our club is a community in its own right.


Emirates4x4 JeepClub Membership is open to any UAE-resident Jeep owner and it’s totally free of any charges.  Emirates4x4 JeepClub maintains its commitment to ensuring that our free membership package remains competitive and offer you the real value-ad to your Jeep brand. Because of this, these membership benefits are constantly under review and we are continually looking for new ways to improve your Emirates4x4 Jeep Club experience.